I’ve been a business owner for 19 years now. I’ve been knocked down, I’ve had things NOT work out (A LOT of things) and I’ve damn near given up! I’ve also had things to work out. My 2nd year in business I made my 1st 6 figures. 19 years ago, things were a lot different in regards to starting a business. Yeah, we had the internet but it was not the internet we have today. While I am in no way saying it’s gonna be a perfect run, it for sure is a run that is well worth the ups and downs that will come your way and a run that will be a lot easier than what I had starting out.

I don’t care what anyone says, you CAN be a successful business owner! You CAN start and have a profitable online business! You CAN have a business that is something that you LOVE! ALL without getting a 2nd mortgage or skipping a house payment. (if you ever hear a “coach” say to you… “if you skip a house payment of 1200 this month and make triple that in the following month, isn’t it worth it?) RUN! THAT is not a “Coach” that you need. That person is a coach for themselves and is only concerned with the money in their bank account and well, in my opinion, they are desperate for some money!  I will NEVER suggest that you skip a house payment! I will help you find things that you can do without to help you fund your dream, such as maybe lower your cable bill, or maybe instead of spending $150 on that blouse at Nordstroms, go get the same blouse from an outlet store. There are things that can be cut back on to free up some money to fund your startup. I am in no way saying you can do this without making some sacrifices, That honestly can’t be done whether it be going out, money, etc. There are sacrifices that you must make in order to live your dream, but I promise you, these sacrifices will be well worth it in no time!

Over the course of being a business owner, I’ve worked with several coaches and consultants. I’ve taken many courses and have invested a lot of money and time. But I wouldn’t have been able to invest the money that I have if my business wasn’t making money. Yes, I’ve had a potential coach suggest that I skip a house payment… and when I heard that … I was so shocked. I mean.. really!! What kind of moron would suggest that someone skip a house payment and send them that money! That’s a f*in’ scam! I don’t want your house payment… I want to help you create a business that brings in money to help you pay for the help you need to grow your business.  The program that I am putting together is designed with YOU in mind, not MY bank account. Of course, I am in business to make money, but it’s honestly more about helping you live your best life. If I could offer this program for free, I would, but sadly, with this new program comes additional expenses that must be met and well in order to devote the time needed to help you create the business and life you want, I still need to make money to fund my business and the life I love to live. With that said, I know that when you are just starting your business, it’s hard to find thousands of dollars to pay for 1 on 1 coaching and consulting services…. that is why BBB was created! BBB is designed to help you start without paying thousands of dollars for me to help you and I created it in a manner that would allow me to help more people at the same time, thus saving you money and me time. In BBB you will have direct access to me, you will have 1 on 1 time with me and I will take an active hands-on role in helping you create your dream business that will fund the life you dream of having.  I know it takes more than a few videos to help you create your business. I also know, that after watching a webinar, you are usually more confused than you were before watching that Webinar. Another reason I created BBB is to remove all the confusion from the process.

Just starting a business isn’t going to guarantee that you are going to make money… you must be willing to work that business, you must produce what you say you will and you must… above ALL else be an Action Taker. It’s called Trial and Error… I still deal with this in my business every day.

If you’ve been dreaming of starting a business even if you have no idea of what to do, I’d love to help you live your dream.

YOUR biz. YOUR rules. YOUR way.

A program for those that want a BADASS BIZ with no BS. All others need not apply.

Badass Biz Bootcamp is the only, done with you program designed to help you Create a thriving, soul-centered business that fires YOU up and allows you to stay true to your values – YOUR BIZ, YOUR RULES – in just 90 days… even if you don’t have a biz idea and not tech savvy. Join my FREE 5-day challenge at Badass Biz Bootcamp and get your Biz up and running in just 5 days!